The Meridian Group of Chesterfield

Telemedicine at Meridian

All our clinicians have HIPAA compliant telemedicine capabilities. To determine what your clinician is currently doing, call their voicemail directly and you will find specific updates. Voicemail extensions are listed on the individual therapist pages or by calling our main number, 804-751-8644.

About the platform

The Meridian Group of Chesterfield clinicians use an online telemed platform that allows them to provide continuity of care given the current pandemic and COVID19 risks and in other situations where telehealth is helpful or needed. Our clinicians have been conducting telemed treatment since March. 2020, and have found it easy to use and helpful to our patients.

Telemed is easy to use. At the time of your appointment, you will texted a link on your phone (or computer is you wish). Press the link, type in your name, and you will be connected to a video link with your clinician. You do not have to sign into a portal or go to a website.

Confidential and secure

Our telehealth is confidential and fully HIPAA compliant. We do not record the sessions. The same regulations that occur in our office apply to telemed. Telemed counseling sessions have potential benefits including easier access to care, medical safety, and the convenience of meeting from a location of your choosing.

Although the use of online telemed for counselling appointments is increasingly common, there are potential risks to using an online telemed platform:

  • Internet services may malfunction or there may be technological challenges. Therefore, a telephone back-up may need to be used, which could result in potential misunderstandings due to a lack of visual cues.
  • Though every effort is made to ensure confidentiality, the limitations and risks in teleconferencing include household noise or interruptions and other potential risks outside of our control.
  • Insurance covers telemed services at the same benefit level as in office treatment, but copays and deductibles may be in effect or may be waived depending on your insurance company.